Morilyte™ effectively treats acute and chronic diarrhoea

Morilyte™ effectively promotes a faster recovery from acute and chronic diarrhoea by:

1. Protecting the GI mucosa and entrapping
    diarrhoea-causing substances

Morilyte™ acts as a mucoprotective agent by forming a physical barrier on the intestinal mucous membrane that regulates the absorption of nutrients as well as harmful substances, to prevent the invasion of viruses, toxins or bacteria.

Due to its unique structure, Morilyte™ also has the ability to entrap toxins and some microorganisms via positive and negative charge interaction to prevent them from attaching to the intestinal mucous membrane. This binding action is physical and non-specific, and only happens in the intestinal lumen and does not depend on absorption by the body.

2. Supporting rehydration

Morilyte™ contains additional salts that are released as electrolytes to support rehydration of the essential electrolytes lost during diarrhoea.

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